Sushant’s Close Friend Reveals About His Ex’s Behaviour

Sushant's Close Friend Reveals About His Ex's Behaviour
Bollywood Hungama / CC BY

From 14th June 2020, Sushant Singh Rajput’s ex-girlfriend has been found in sheer grief. However, the late actor’s ex-girlfriend, Ankita Lokhande, was not in touch with Sushant’s connections, yet she visited his Bandra apartment to meet his family. 

However, the Mumbai Police have been keeping a close watch on each segment of the case; the family members say the truth is yet to be found out. Despite the so far reasons that came out on Sushant’s suicide, fans throughout the country are blaming the actor’s girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty, for not being a true partner to him. With this, now netizens have started to refer Ankita Lokhande, as the perfect partner for the late actor. 

For those who don’t know, Sushant and Ankita were in courtship for more than six years. The relationship propelled soon after the duo met on the sets of a popular Indian serial ‘Pavitra Rishta.’ 

As a part of the investigation, TOI had a word with Sushant and Ankita’s mutual and close friend, Sandeep Singh. On this, Ssingh said- “Ankita had spent the maximum time with him in the last 10 years or so. According to me, apart from his family, it has hit her the most. When they were together, she took care of him like no one else ever did. The day it happened, I knew she would be deeply impacted.”

When asked if Ankita was ever in contact with Sushant’s family, Sandeep said- “Ankita was always in touch with the family and they all loved her. She is family for them, they connect with her. It was important for her to meet the family before they went back to Patna.”
Further, he added- “When I got the news, I did not believe it. I was sitting alone and thinking if it had really happened. Mahesh Shetty and I spoke; he said he’s coming to pick me up. Throughout the journey from my house to Sushant’s house in Bandra, we were inundated with calls. It was not sinking in that this had happened.”