Maldives and Nepal to receive COVID vaccines from India

The Ministry of External Affairs made the announcement that the country will be supplying COVID vaccines to Maldives and Nepal while keeping India’s needs in mind as the primary priority. Read more ne... Read More

Covid-19 Vaccine

72 Australian Open Players Stuck In Quarantine As Passengers test Positive On Their Flights

Nearly 80 tennis players have been quarantined ahead of the Australian Open, as at least 9 people have tested positive for the coronavirus, arriving on chartered flights. Read further here!... Read More

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Covid-19 vaccination drive in India - adverse reactions, side effects and other updates

While there were only a few score adverse reactions after the first day, now at least 447 people have reported adverse effects of the more here!... Read More

Queen Elizabeth II

Uk Geared Up For Vaccination As Queen Elizabeth And Prince Phillips Receive Their Doses

The United Kingdom has been slower compared to other nations for beginning to vaccinate its population. Read more updated daily news here!... Read More

Air India Flight

Air India Flight With 246 Passengers Lands In Delhi

An Air India flight landed in Delhi with 246 passengers, even as the scare of the mutant virus is on the rise. Read more exciting news further here!... Read More

London Lockdown

World - Full Lockdown In England Post The Rise On Covid Cases

Boris Johnson announced on a television telecast that the lockdown will come into effect from Wednesday and citizens are requested to cooperate with the administrators. Read full news here!... Read More

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Dry Run Of The Corona Vaccine To Be Conducted Today

The news of the vaccine has come as a breath of fresh air and the government is leaving no stones unturned to make things right for everyone. Read more updated news here!... Read More


India detects six cases of mutant virus as returnees from the UK test positive

Six passengers who had arrived in India from the UK tested positive for the mutant strain of the novel coronavirus on Tuesday. ... Read More

Saudi Crown Prince

Saudi Crown Prince Gets The Covid Vaccine Shot

The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has taken a step forward and got his first shot of Pfizer and BioNTech’s COVID vaccine. Read more new here!... Read More


New Coronavirus Variant Found In South Africa - This Time More Transmissible!

South Africa has sent a wave of alarm across the globe as it is beginning to report cases of another of the coronavirus. Read complete news here!... Read More