Saturday, November 28, 2020
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Tags Covid-19

Tag: covid-19

UK Shopper Numbers Fall as Second Lockdown Begins

Across British retail destinations, there has been a plummet, and it is observed to be 15.4 per cent since the start of the lockdown as compared to the week prior to it. Read more here!

Why? Brazil Refuses Trials Of Chinese Covid-19 Vaccine

On Monday, Brazil's health regulator rejected clinical trials of a Chinese-made coronavirus vaccine after an inopportune incident which involves a volunteer beneficiary, a disaster for one of the most superior vaccine nominees. Read further here!

Chiranjeevi Tests Positive in Home Quarantine

The South-Indian superstar Chiranjeevi tests positive for coronavirus. On Monday morning the veteran actor announced through a tweet that just before resuming his shooting for the upcoming movie named 'Acharya' more here!

Denmark: Millions of Mink to be Culled Post COVID-19 Mutation to Humans

The world's biggest producer of mink fur is planning to cull up all the minks in the country after the news of 12 people got infected at a farm in the northern part. More news here!

No Cruising Until 2021 in the US Waters

The cruise industry in the US has barred cruises till 2021 only after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's 'no-sail' order lapsed on October 31st and was also succeeded by a "Conditional Sailing Order." Read further here!

India Reports Low in Daily Covid-19 Cases in Months

Today India recorded one of the lowest numbers of new coronavirus cases in less than a month. 490 deaths in 24 hours, as per the Union health ministry on November 3rd which has taken the country's tally to more than 8.26 million. Here's more news!

Covid-19: Four-Week England Lockdown

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has announced a nationwide second lockdown in the country as a precautionary measure to prevent the medical as well as moral full news!

Hong Kong Bars Air India Flights for the Fourth Time

Hong Kong has prevented Air India flights coming from Mumbai till November 10th following several passengers on its flight beginning this week tested positive for coronavirus after full news here!

61% Indians Are Doubtful About Taking COVID Vaccine – Say Polls

The world is eagerly waiting for a solution to the wide-spreading COVID 19 pandemic. The lockdowns were quite effective to curb down on the drastic infection spread but now people are getting used to the ‘New Normal’. Here complete news!

Europe Sees COVID Infection Rise – Germany Releases Travel Warnings

The pandemic is taking a dangerous turn in the European countries and the authorities are finally taking note of it. With the increasing spread of infection and registered cases, Germany imposed travel restrictions on its citizens. Read further here!
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Rahul Gandhi mentioned in Obama’s political memoir as a student

New York Times had also quoted lines from the book where Obama says that Rahul Gandhi was like a student who was eager to impress the teacher with all the course work...more here!

PUBG Mobile India Returns After the Ban

The Mobile developers of PUBG announced yesterday that they are planning to launch a new game which will be named PUBG Mobile India, especially for the Indian players. More news here!

Priyanka Chopra to be Seen Next in a Netflix Release of ‘We Can Be Heroes’

How is 2021 looking for Priyanka Chopra? After how the year has been, the actor who stays in Los Angeles with her husband is making sure that 2021 will be wonderful. Read further here!

Google Photos Ending Free Unlimited Storage in 2021

With the latest update from Google, any new photos or videos one uploads on or after June 1st on Google Photos will be counted in the free limited storage of 15GB that comes with every Google Account. Read more here!