Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Tag: Elections

US Elections – The Depiction Of Kamala Harris As Goddess Durga Sparks Controversy

Recently, the niece of US Senator Kamala Harris has tweeted an image where the Presidential candidate was depicted as Goddess Durga. Read full news here!

There Trump Making Effort to Win over Nevada

Nevada has been the Democrats sweet spot in every presidential election since 2004. Read further there!

Trump Attempts to Rev Up Base in Battleground of Georgia

Georgia was not expecting President Trump just 18 days before election day. Trump took the time to get supporters in the Peach State where the polls are very close between the two, Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. Read further here!

Second Debate Between Trump and Biden Canceled

The Commission decided on Friday that a virtual Presidential debate will be cancelled between Donald Trump and Joe Biden as the President refused to opt for a virtual discussion even after he was diagnosed with Covid-19. Read further here!

Biden Campaign Selling Swatters Post a Fly Landed on Pence

The bizarre moment in Wednesday night's vice-presidential debate has led the Biden-Harris campaign selling "Truth Over Flies" fly swatters. Read more here!

Taylor Swift Backs Joe Biden with Some Custom Cookies

Taylor Swift has recently become politically active and proudly states that she would be voting for the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in November. Read full news here!

Trump Returns Home After Downplaying Disease

Trump spent three nights at the Walter Reed medical center; he returned to White House on Monday evening where his treatment will continue for coronavirus. Dr Sean P. Conley, the physician, said he is still not out of the woods. Read further here!

The Real “Proud Boys” are all over Twitter

The Hashtag Proud Boys took over the twitter on Sunday and is trending not for what President Trump said in the last week's debate but because of two gay men expressing their togetherness through it. Read further here!

Trump’s COVID-19 Infection Avoidable, as Biden Leads by 10 Points: Poll

After Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus, former vice-president Joe Biden opens his most comprehensive lead in a month. Read more news here!

Next 48 Hours Critical for Trump

Donald Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center after he was tested positive for coronavirus on Friday. Read full news here!
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61% Indians Are Doubtful About Taking COVID Vaccine – Say Polls

The world is eagerly waiting for a solution to the wide-spreading COVID 19 pandemic. The lockdowns were quite effective to curb down on the drastic infection spread but now people are getting used to the ‘New Normal’. Here complete news!


2020 is proving to be very challenging as the days go on. On one side, there is the COVID pandemic and all other negative news is slowly killing the morale of people. Adding to the news of sadness is a recent plane crash in the US. Read more here!

Europe Sees COVID Infection Rise – Germany Releases Travel Warnings

The pandemic is taking a dangerous turn in the European countries and the authorities are finally taking note of it. With the increasing spread of infection and registered cases, Germany imposed travel restrictions on its citizens. Read further here!

Joaquin Pheonix To Play Napolean Bonaparte In Ridley Scott’s Kitbag

The Oscar-winning actor, Joaquin Pheonix is known for his versatile acting, strong screen presence, and a very impactful performance that leaves the viewers in a daze even after the credits start to roll. Read further here!