Tanishq Takes Down Wedding Ad After #BoycottTanishq trends

Tanishq Takes Down Wedding Ad After #BoycottTanishq trends

Tanishq has dismissed its latest ad from all social media platforms after certain parts, chiefly Right Wing, blamed the Tata jewellery brand for promoting something that they described as ‘Love Jihad’ with this commercial video. 

#BoycottTanishq trended rapidly on Twitter on Monday following the advertisement titled Ekatvam that had aimed to honour “unity in oneness”.

The jewellery brand Tanishq, nevertheless, also saw itself on the receiving end of critique on the social media as well on the following day, this turned into trolling and they decided to take the ad down.

What was the ad all about?

It was a beautifully made ad showcasing a story of a Hindu woman married in a Muslim family, where the young woman is expecting, and her mother-in-law takes her through the house to the garden. The daughter-in-law was surprised as well as happy at the same time looking at the arrangements that are made for celebrating a Hindu ritual. And she asks her mother-in-law that this ritual is not celebrated at your place? To which she answers, we are celebrating our daughter’s happiness today. 

Tanishq intended to celebrate the thought of oneness and also to depict that a daughter-in-law is also like a daughter to the new family. It was a beautiful confluence of two different religions, traditions, cultures. 

Why did TANISHQ take down the EKATVAM Ad?

Tanishq, with its new advertisement, has been accused of encouraging ‘Love Jihad’ and inter-faith weddings and was trolled by various people online. Angry replies filled their Twitter post on Monday with the trending #BoycottTanishq hashtag. A user had also written that we need to protect our daughter from this kind of influencing ads and from falling for love jihad. Another user pointed out why not show a Muslim woman got married in a Hindu family.