Taylor Swift Backs Joe Biden with Some Custom Cookies

Taylor Swift Backs Joe Biden with Some Custom Cookies
Toglenn (Glenn Francis) / CC BY-SA

The pop superstar is making it very clear who she is voting this year! After being public neutral for so many years, Taylor Swift has recently become politically active and proudly states that she would be voting for the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in November. This signifies the first time Taylor Swift has supported a presidential candidate. 

In an interview with V Magazine, Swift who is 30 years old stated that she will be proudly casting her vote to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the November election as she believes that America needs this chance to heal and grow in the right direction.

Swift has been stating and vocal about her opinions about Donald Trump, and she had also commented on Trump’s tweet in May, saying that she will vote him out this year. Trump had tweeted about the shooting looters in Minneapolis during protests over George Floyd’s death. 

Her agenda for supporting Democratic is because she believes that there needs to be a change of administration for people of America which includes people of any color, religion to feel safe and feel like a part of the country. There needs to be freedom for people to live as they want, including the LGBTQIA+ community and women to choose what is right for them.

Recently she commented on the pandemic that has caused so many deaths in the country, and she feels the government should take global health seriously and should have an attitude to put people first, this is the kind of leader America needs at this point of time.

Swift’s endorsement corresponds with the exclusive face-off within the 2020 vice-presidential candidates: incumbent Mike Pence and Sen. Harris.

“So apt that it’s come out on the night of the VP debate,” Swift tweeted Wednesday.