Taylor Swift Sued Over Album Name

Taylor Swift
Photo by Sebastian Vital form Flickr

A Utah Theme Park has accused Taylor Swift of trademark infringement. A lawsuit has been filed against Singer for the same. 

The bosses from a theme park have filed a lawsuit against Taylor Swift that she has used the name of their ‘Special Attraction’ as the title of her latest album. The owners of Evermore Park, Pleasant Grove, Utah are demanding millions of dollars in exchange for the use of their ‘special attraction’s name’.

They have stated that they have been using the name for their park’s special attraction for a very long time and since Taylor Swift has used that name for her album, there has been a consistent confusion among the public that the album and song are somehow related. The theme park’s owner has further stated in the lawsuit that the owners have spent many millions of dollars on that attraction ever since it was made public to the crowds in the year 2018. 

The boss further added that have trademarked ‘Evermore’ for certain merchandise and products. The value of these has reduced and dipped ever since Taylor Swift used the trademark name for her album. Taylor Swift began selling her own merchandise under the name of her album ‘Evermore’ which resulted in the loss of Evermore Theme Park. The traffic on their website has also reduced by several folds because of Taylor Swift’s usage of the same term. 

They lastly said that they were willing to have reasonable discussions with the artist to discontinue the use of their trademark word. But when Taylor Swift’s lawyers were contacted about the same, they have added that the lawsuit filed was ‘frivolous’ and completely ‘irresponsible’.

Taylor Swift’s ‘Evermore’ has been one of the finest albums of 2020 and also topped the charts for weeks together. People enjoyed the music and it has been the talk of the town for a while. The merchandise from her end is still available for sale and the lawyers are engaged in talks to solve the issue between the two parties. The Theme Park was planned in the year 2014 and came to life in 2018, two years before the release of Taylor Swift’s 2020 Album - Evermore.