Tearful Van Jones, CNN Host, Breaks Down As Joe Biden Wins

Tearful Van Jones, CNN Host, Breaks Down As Joe Biden Wins

Kasey Baker, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

After the election day, finally, on Saturday, Joe Biden was announced as the 46th president of the States and Kamala Harris as the madam vice-president. He finally won by winning the key battleground Pennsylvania state, while the CNN host Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones was capturing the victory and celebration closely couldn’t hold back his tears on national television as Joe Biden won the presidential election this year. 

With the clipping of his reaction on live TV, he tweeted by saying that it’s easy to be a parent in the morning, even easier to be a dad and tell your kids character matters but it’s ultimately a good person that matters.

He also continued talking that it wasn’t just him but many more who couldn’t breathe after the George Floyd incident. Life in their own country had become difficult for all.

He also mentioned that now they will have a say and will be at peace after a very long time. He said it is a good day for the country and told his son that it is an easy getaway by cheating, but it doesn’t remain the same forever.

This time the US is accepting a unity after the new US president-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris who promised on Saturday to unite Americans and endeavour to fix divisions.

Biden is 77 years old and is the most senior president in the history of the US. The first to dismiss a sitting commander-in-chief following one term after Bill Clinton in 1992 beat George H.W. Bush.

Joe Biden’s running mate, Senator Kamala Harris from California is the first black and Indian-American woman to be a vice president of America.

Biden told his supporters at an outdoor rally that it is time of America to heal in his home city of Wilmington, Delaware.