Technology At Its Best: It Beeps If Not Adhering Social Distancing

Technology At Its Best: It Beeps If Not Adhering Social Distancing

Now the new normal is not anymore about contact tracing, it is about living with Coronavirus. Safe Spacer is giving a reason for workers to get back to work with its new device which beeps when people come closer than 6 feet—giving manufacturing units, factories, warehouses and many more to start working with this device which is for $99 per piece. This is to be worn by every member of the team to ensure safe distance without any trouble. It is going to be available by September end.

The product is designed and made by an Italy-based company named IK Multimedia founded in 1996, Modena, which is renowned for making dongles and microphones to connect guitars to smartphones.

It is a patent-pending wearable device to assist users in keeping safe social distance, signalling wearers when anyone wearing the device comes closer than 6 feet or 2 m, it vibrates and beeps.

The primary purpose is to let businesses safely re-open with peace of mind and assist stop the spread of COVID-19.

The features of the device

The device is made in the form of a watch that can be worn effortlessly every day. 

Ultra-wideband technology is used in the devices which claim to be ten times better than Bluetooth says IK Multimedia.

Build-in memory of the device allows contact tracing in the case of virus exposure.

The device will only work if others are also wearing it. Therefore the target is not consumers but businesses that want to buy for their employee’s safety at work. Twenty-five people and above would require this to maintain social distancing in the office.

Gary Kerzner, Managing Director of IK Multimedia said that we do have eyes to see, but at times we presume the distance which can lead to severe repercussion.