Tesla Increases Its Global Reach By Using Its China Gigafactory

Tesla Increases Its Global Reach By Using Its China Gigafactory
Smnt, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Elon Musk is quite popular for his Twitter batter and when he is not spending too much time on social media, he is seen making decisions that will profit his company at a global level. Tesla is already one of the leading Moghuls in the auto market sector and he is making plans to make its stance even firmer. Well, it’s always good to go for the best approach.

A short time before the COVID pandemic hit the globe, Tesla established its big gigafactory in China and that was a turning stone for the automaker company. Now, it is planning on exporting Chinese-made vehicles to Europe and spread its roots to the new region as well. The news was confirmed by the Chinese state-run news source, Xinhua. 

The company plans on exporting the Model 3 sedans manufactured in Shanghai to European countries like – Germany, Italy, and Switzerland. This is expected to be done in the next week. There is no official statement from Tesla but SOng Gang, the director of manufacturing and operations in Tesla’s Chinese gigafactory stated that this step is a huge plus for the company and will turn out to be an ‘important step in Tesla’s global layout’.

Xinhua was seen feeling happy about the fact that the European companies and market were finally identifying the standard and quality of the China-made model 3 sedans and placing their trust in them. This can be a matter of celebration for the Chinese manufacturers as well. 

However, this export step can prove to be temporary because Tesla already announced its plan to make another building plant in Europe, Berlin to be precise. This plan could be a pre-requisitive to a bigger production plan and only for the time’s sake until the gigafactory gets ready on the European grounds. The plant is expected to be inaugurated sometime in 2021.