“The Loss of Education is Irreparable” – Manish Sisodia

“The Loss of Education is Irreparable” – Manish Sisodia

On Saturday, Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister, interacted with teachers and parents for feedback via a virtual meeting, which he termed as “semi-online” mode of education. 

While sharing his thoughts on the loss of education and damage done to the academic session due to COVID-19, he stated- “Other losses caused by the lockdown will be compensated, but the loss of education is irreparable, which is why classes with the support of technology are the need of the hour.” Source: Indian Express. 

He continued and said- “Soon, there will be a vaccine to cure corona, but there cannot be a vaccine for the loss of education.” Source: Indian Express. 

While sharing his comments on the damage done, he urged parents to come up with their remarks on the present age teaching and learning methods or activities. Sisodia said this session could be one of the mediums to improve the online education modes. To add more convenience to the present-time educational system, he suggested that the PTMs (Parent Teacher Meetings) be held online. This interaction took place at GBSSS/GGSSS Pitampura and Sarvodaya Kanya Vidyalaya Prashant Vihar. 

According to the new educational model of Delhi government, “Children up to class 10 are given worksheets every week through WhatsApp and children whose parents do not have smartphones are invited to the school to collect printouts of the weekly worksheets.” Source: Indian Express. 

On this, Sisodia said- “There was a time when access to education was based on religion and caste and later on financial status. It created a divide in the society,” Source: Indian Express. 

Further, he added- “We bridged that by rebuilding our government schools with world-class facilities. But now, a new divide should not be created among those who have access to digital devices and those who do not. That is why we have adopted a semi-online approach,” Source: Indian Express. 

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Source: Indian Express