The Real “Proud Boys” are all over Twitter

The Real “Proud Boys” are all over Twitter

Source Twitter

The Hashtag Proud Boys took over the twitter on Sunday and is trending not for what President Trump said in the last week’s debate but because of two gay men expressing their togetherness through it.

Twitter was flooded with photos, memes and pictures of their loved ones after the gay men posted a picture with the #ProudBoys.

Recently in last week’s presidential election debate, Trump was asked to denounce White supremacists. The President rather used his given time to criticise something he called “Antifa and the left” for violence and to tell the Proud Boys to “stand back and stand by.”

Matt Dechaine took over Twitter and changed the meaning of the hashtag and had an innocent reason behind it just to spread joy. 

He also added that he expressed what made him feel that it’s time for a positive change and with this, he is glad to be a small part of spreading joy by showcasing their 25years of togetherness and the world is becoming a better place to be.

The leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, said he doesn’t get what Matt Dechaine is trying to accomplish by using the hashtag. However, he finds it funny and not offensive and said that they aren’t homophobic. 

The Cuban American also added that by sending out such messages if he is trying to lower our supporters or is trying to silence them, then it is not what he is calling a progression. 

The Anti-Defamation League describes the Proud Boys philosophy “transphobic, misogynistic, anti-immigration and Islamophobic.”

Many people have taken over to Twitter with gay photos, messages, memes and even videos. Others took up to support the gays who hijacked the hashtag for spreading joy.

Several Twitter users posted photos with their partners, calling themselves “the real #ProudBoys.”