The U.S. is the biggest threat to world peace says the Chinese Military

The U.S. is the biggest threat to world peace says the Chinese Military

Image by Priyam Patel from Pixabay

On Sunday, China’s Defence Ministry released a crucial U.S. report declaring China’s military objectives where it is evident that the U.S. is actually the most prominent threat towards international peace and order than China. 

On 2nd September, the annual defence department report was published to Congress on the goals and developments of the Chinese Military, and today’s statement was a follow up on the same. It directly points at strong signs of U.S imperial interests and global security.

Col. Wu Qian’s analysis

The Defence Ministry spokesman called this report a ‘Wanton Distortion’ of China’s plans and will develop a relationship between China’s 1.4 million people and the Liberation Army. He also said that the US had been the violator and destroyer of world peace as well as the international rules. 

In the past two decades, the U.S. has been in action with Libya, Iraq, Syria and many other countries that has resulted in 800,000 people dead and much more.

Report’s content

  • The report consists of more than 150 pages discussing the doctrines, the aims of Military buildup and PLA’s technical capabilities. It is going to be like a ‘Practical instrument’ of China’s statecraft by advancing Beijing’s foreign policy and also elevating international order. 
  • A significant part of the report was dedicated to analyzing the strategy with a U.S. ally country, Taiwan. A portion of its territory is with China, and it can easily be taken by force if necessary, but an invasion would be complicated, and there are political risks involved.
  • The report also looked at areas; China has the world’s largest standing military with 2 million-member PLA and the world’s largest navy with 350 submarines and ships overtaking the U.S. by almost seven more.

This year’s report shows a feeble relation between Washington and Beijing as there are several disputes over Taiwan, human rights, trade and technology, etc.