The U.S. pulled 2,200 troops in Iraq to put an end to the ‘endless wars’

The U.S. pulled 2,200 troops in Iraq to put an end to the ‘endless wars’

On Wednesday The United States military said that they would be reducing their presence in Iraq from 5,200 troops to 3,000 troops starting from this September. This kind of moves things in a positive direction which was due for a long time. In August it was reported about the US planning to act and reduce its troops in Iraq.

As of now, the US has precisely 5,200 troops in Iraq to fight the Islamic State group. According to the US-led coalition, Iraqi forces can manage without assistance from another country at the moment for what is remaining of Islamic State.

The head of US central command had once announced in his visit to Iraq that they are focusing on the partner capacity programs that will enable the Iraqi forces and eventually it will help the US to reduce their troops in Iraq.

On Tuesday there was a hint from one of the officials from the Trump office that has said the president would be announcing related to the reduction in the troop in Iraq.

There had been a prior announcement in June from both sides that they are working on reducing the number of troops in the country in the course of time. But still, there is no clarity on will there be any plans to keep continual bases in Iraq.

In the year 2016, while his election campaign, President Trump had promised to put an end to America’s “endless wars” by returning many global troops. There was a meeting before the month where Trump discussed his plans to withdraw forces with the Iraq prime minister.

Amid all this, pressures between The US and Iran have fastened, after the US stated it would be reclassifying sanctions that were omitted. 

Earlier this year, Iraq’s government had voted to withdraw foreign troops from Iraq.