There Trump Making Effort to Win over Nevada

There Trump Making Effort to Win over Nevada

Image by The White House

Nevada has been the Democrats sweet spot in every presidential election since 2004. Democrats in the midterm election of the year 2018, passed a blue flag by flipping a U.S. Senate position and reinforcing their dominance of the congressional legislature and delegation.

But according to the political organizers and strategists this year it is in a swing state, and there is a possibility that it might swing the other way round.

It is a purple state, said the executive director of the Nevada progressive group Battle Born Progress, Annette Magnus-Marquart. It will remain a battleground and whoever wins will have to struggle while running the state, there remains no clue where Nevada is going.

Trump had lost narrowly in Nevada in 2016; he scheduled a campaign rally on October 18th in Carson City. This is his second in the state after many months just before the election day kicks off. 

Nevada is a Democrats managed government and are mailing ballots to all voters due to the coronavirus pandemic. The in-person voting is taking a backseat, and also that happens only on Saturday when it is expected to encounter long queues.

Joe Biden is leading in Nevada and shows narrower margins with others. It is a very independent state, and it is challenging to make citizens vote here. The hospitality industry in Nevada, which includes the gambling-resorts of Las Vegas is the huge portion of the population, and with different shifts of workers, so it is a bit difficult.

Those corresponding factors can move door-knocking, especially crucial for contacting and enrolling voters.

Biden’s campaign has continued to organize digitally efficiently, but in the beginning this month it continued door-to-door canvassing. Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, made their visits to Las Vegas this month.

Biden and his team state that Trump’s administration has been unable to manage the coronavirus pandemic and in Nevada, Latinos have been impacted by COVID-19 the most and almost half of the state’s confirmed positive cases.