Tiffany & Louis Vuitton Discuss Price Cut to Settle Deal Dispute

Tiffany & Louis Vuitton Discuss Price Cut to Settle Deal Dispute

The famous U.S jeweler Tiffany & Co which are known for their tiny blue box and the French luxury goods giant LVMH have been in talks to settle their dispute that is about a $16 billion takeover at a price somewhat lower than what was initially agreed upon, said sources that are familiar with the matter on October 27th. 

The lawsuit has been fast-tracked for January trials, and the negotiations are as per each Tiffany share price in the range of $131-$134 over the previously proposed price first in November, which was $135.

An arrangement at the back of that spectrum would preserve LVMH, led by billionaire businessman Bernard Arnault, of $480 million on the initial $16.2 billion acquisition price.

Last month the initial deal was in trouble when the French giant said it could no longer complete the transaction by the November 24th deadline.

It quoted a French political intrusion restraining it from doing so, although what is defined as the jeweller’s miserable performance through the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Tiffany took it to the Delaware court for justice to make LVMH honor the deal that was agreed upon last month; the case hearing will be conducted in January. 

As per reports, the two companies have been in indirect talks to settle the disputed deal, but there has been no direct communication from the brands itself. 

On Tuesday Tiffany shares saw a rise to almost 5% to $128.78 after reports of a potential end to the dispute.

LVMH, the owner of Louis Vuitton had agreed last year to acquire Tiffany in its biggest takeover yet, speculating it could recover the U.S. jeweler’s glory by advancing in stores and new collections.

The deal will boost LVMH’s smallest business, the watch and jewellery division that is now home to Tag Heuer and Bulgari, support it to unfold in one of the fastest-growing industry sectors and extend its U.S. presence.