Tokyo Olympic 2020:Torch Relay to Resume on March 25

Tokyo Olympic 2020:Torch Relay to Resume on March 25

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March 25 is the decided date to resume the Olympic torch relay which will follow the planned schedule and route in Fukushima Prefecture.

Organizers are reviewing torch relay adjustments because of the pandemic. Potential variations involve the number of staff and officials concerned and decreasing the number of vehicle guards.

The flame had made an appearance at a one-year-out ceremony on July 23, held by Rikako Ikee, a top Japanese swimmer recovering from leukaemia.

As settled earlier, the relay will tour all 47 prefectures of Japan with importance on the area hit by the 2011 Tohoku tsunami and earthquake. In 2011 more than 18,000 people died or went missing in Fukushima in the disaster.

 “Hope Lights Our Way,” is the motto this year to visit the three major areas where the earthquake and tsunami affected the most that include Fukushima (March 25-27), Iwate (June 16-18) and Miyagi (June 19-21).

The relay commences up to the Opening Ceremony on July 23.

The torch relay originally opened last March 12 in Olympia. The Greek part of the relay initially recorded for eight days and then was summoned off on March 13 due to the coronavirus where the actor Gerard Butler was amongst the torchbearers in an ancient Greek city, Sparta.

A surprisingly colossal mob assembled in Sparta notwithstanding orders to the public not to focus on the commemoration. The flame continued in Greece till it travelled to Japan as per schedule on March 20.

It was then announced on March 24 that the Tokyo Olympic games were postponed to 2021. The torch relay was suspended in Japan portion just two days before its start.

The Tokyo Olympic committee has been working on developing core countermeasures for the COVID-19 outbreak ere executing the game in 2021.