Tragedy Forestalled As Security Forces Recovered IED Under A Bridge in Pulwama, J&K

Tragedy Forestalled As Security Forces Recovered IED Under A Bridge in Pulwama, J&K

On August 16 night, the commendable alertness of the Indian security forces averted a devastating tragedy by recovering and defusing an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) near Tujan village in Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir. The terrorists placed IED under a common bridge of the village to maximize the devastation. 

Vijay Kumar, the IGP of Kashmir, said- “An IED planted by terrorists under a bridge near Tujan village recovered. This is a road between Tujan and Dalwan.” Source: Zee News India. 

As per the reports, the road has been often used by security forces and army troops to move from one corner of the village to another. Due to an earlier occasion of Independence day of India (observed on August 15), the security forces were alert after receiving threats from the terrorist. 

The bridge is located on one of the major roads connecting Pulwama and Budgam. Security officials say that the terrorists kept this bridge on their target as Indian army troops often travel via this bridge. This has left the security forces under doubt if locals are assisting terrorists in this or not. 

While terrorists have constantly been targeting J&K, on the other hand, the Indian government has restored high-speed 4G mobile data services in a few sections of J&K. The step has been taken as a part of development for the UT. 

On August 16, Ganderbal, central Kashmir was given the leverage to relish 4G mobile data speed till September 8. As per officials, the provided services are on a trial basis. Apart from Ganderbal, the entire J&K will be restricted to 2G data speed facilities. 

Earlier this month, the Supreme Court released an order for J&K to restore 4G data speed in a few sections of the UT.

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Source: zeenews