Trump’s Actions Create Hurdles For The Unemployed

Donald Trump
Image by Ennoti on flickr.com

COVID proved to be the strongest obstacle and problem for developed countries like the United States as well. People lost their jobs, source of income and several passive sources of bucks have also ceased to exist. This has resulted in quite an unrest in the crowds of America. However, Trump’s recent stubbornness has led to the worsening of the existing situation. The unemployment benefits that several Americans were supposed to get have been delayed because of Trump’s decision to not sign the end-of-year Covid Relief and Spending Bill. It was decided that this bill would get a nod until the former president of the United States, Donald Trump, decided to turn away from the agreed norms.

The city of Washington is in a state of confusion and in certain people’s case, even panic because the bill that will support their livelihood has been suddenly halted. The decision has earned approval from both houses of Congress and shortly after that, the WHite House has intimated the Republican Leaders that the decision is a sure shot and Trump would be fully supporting it too. However, it seems like the tables have turned now.

Apparently, Trump started to ask for larger COVID Relief Checks and questioned the ‘pork’ spendings. This is being received as his personal rebellion against the Congress that has been subtly put in place to avoid direct criticism from people. Whatever be the case, this refusal to sign the bills can result in a Government Shutdown when the money runs out. 

The citizens are not happy with Trump’s decision as well. A lady went out to say that it was all a game of political ‘chess’ and the common people were ‘mere pawns’. The bill’s lapse will result in the loss of her $129 weekly jobless benefit and this can greatly impact her life. Not just her, there are several American citizens who currently share her opinion. The deal was considered to be a compulsory implementation until Trump suddenly decided to put his foot down and object to the norms that were pre decided.