Trump Creates History - Impeached Twice

The ex-President of the United States, Donald Trump, has created history. He is the first US president who has been impeached Twice. The House of Representatives held Trump responsible for the incitement of riots at the Capitol Hill in the previous week. He is supposed to attend the trial at the Senate but seems like that will happen after a while. The session will take place after Joe Biden will be officially inaugurated as the new President next week. 

Donald Trump is the first President in the History of the United States who has been impeached twice. The House conducted heated discussions over the events that took place around the Capitol. The National Guard Troops kept a close watch around the perimeter, monitoring the conditions both on the inside and outside while the discussions took place within the walls.

The inauguration of the new US President, Joe Biden, is going to take place on 20th January. Ahead of this, the FBI has predicted and warned that an armed protest is possible around Washington Dc and also the other 50 US states. After the vote in congress, a video was released where Trump addressed his followers and asked them to stay calm and composed. Without the mention of impeachment, he urged his people to not take to violence because there is no place for such acts in the country. He said - ‘No true supporter of mine would ever endorse political violence’. 

The Congress thre strong accusations at Donald Trump that he has smartly incited the protests and fights outside the capitol without directly asking his people/supporters to initiate the attacks. The hidden meaning behind his public speech made on 6th January was the reason for unrest and violence around the Capitol Hall. Ten Republicans have supported the democrats that Donald Trump needs to be impeached. The voting count went 232-197, making the ‘pro impeachment’ sector heavier than the ones who objected to the impeachment. 

Proper guard duties and security have been put in place to curb down the violence and make things smoother for the inauguration of Joe Biden.