Trump On India-China Border Row


Image from
The White House
on flickr

The U.S. president Trump said to a reporter that he is aware of the tension that is going on between the two neighbouring Asian countries India and China. And he hopes that they will be ready to help if it is feasible for America, said at the White House on Thursday.

Recently, the Chinese and Indian senior military commanders held a discussion to resolve the standoff which has been going on for months together in Ladakh along the Line of Actual Control(LAC). The Asian gainst consented to stop posting more soldiers in the Himalayas at their disputed border region.

In a podcast called the “Grand Tamasha”, a South Asia Program of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Ashley Tellis, a renowned American expert of India and South Asia, said that the Trump administration had welcomed a very apparent position of support for India in this substantial difficulty.

At the time of the crisis, this will become a grand scale for the U.S. to go and confront China, which sort of aids the U.S.’s bilateral problems with China.

Ashley Tellis also said that she thinks something else is also going on other than just lending a helping hand here. The President is left with no choice here to support India than China.  Also, the Tata Chair for Strategic Affairs added that the Chinese aggressiveness, in this case, has been so boisterous that the U.S. could not ignore but come for India’s support. She also added that even a democratic administration would have done the same in this situation.

According to a local newspaper, India, along with the U.S., is strengthening shared naval maneuvers and discussing about the network setup for coastal surveillance and building new ships. The outposts would enable New Delhi to keep an eye on the Indian Ocean’s maritime traffic.