Trump openly said that Kamala Harris could never be president

Trump openly said that Kamala Harris could never be president

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As it was in the news that President Donald Trump had announced about the COVID-19 vaccine search in the US earlier this year. But again this thing has surfaced which made him blame the Biden campaign for lobbying the issue in a different manner which made him say that  Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris “will never be president.”

Trump attack on the Indian origin senator

He has watched the game-changer numbers drop during the Democratic primaries, and they pushed out because people didn’t like it. And so he concluded that this is one of the reasons why she cannot be a president ever. 

Harris had stated she would not presume any vaccine proclaimed by Trump without dependable and authentic erudition. 

Harris owes him an apology, says President Trump

He called her the most liberal person in Congress and even demanded an apology for the anti-vaccine discourse. He also made statements like she is not competent enough to run a country and will destroy both the country as well as the economy.

The vaccine will come before the election day

The president has confirmed earlier that the vaccine search breakthrough will be as early as October, but he still stands by it though he made a statement that before the election day the vaccine will be ready. He also said that vaccine search is the need of the hour and sooner, the better is what he wants, which will save many lives.

Trump has regularly insisted a vaccine will have been discovered by the end of the year for Coronavirus that has killed nearly 190,000 Americans and infected more than 6.4 million. It has also propelled the economy into a tailspin, with an increase in unemployment in the country.

Still, the question remains unanswered if there truly is a vaccine coming up and Americans have been questioning Trump’s administration in respect of pandemic making it difficult for his re-election bid.