Trump Returns Home After Downplaying Disease

Trump Returns Home After Downplaying Disease
Image by The White House

Trump spent three nights at the Walter Reed medical center; he returned to White House on Monday evening where his treatment will continue for coronavirus. Dr Sean P. Conley, the physician, said he is still not out of the woods.

President Donald Trump passed through the hospital’s large doors wearing a mask and a suit, post a flight of stairs he pumped his fist a few times at his chest. He did not respond to any news media that had accompanied him but later said thank you to everyone and waved his way out.

A black SUV took him to the presidential helicopter, Marine One for a small flight to White house. Just before stepping in, Trump gave a thumbs-up and departed about 6.45 p.m. for the 10-minute flight.

After descending on the South Lawn, the president got down and removed his mark before giving a long salute to the Marine One to depart.

Without wearing a mask, he walked to the White House residence. Many networks broadcasted it live like NBC, ABC and CBS etc. , it was also observed that after taking a flight of stairs, he was short of breath.

Dr Conley earlier mentioned that the president has improved in the past 24 hours and continues to feel better. With improving lung function from the time he had tested positive is a good sign and he has taken the third dose of the antiviral drug remdesivir and also on the steroid drug called dexamethasone which is used to treat COVID-19 positive patients.

Dr Sean P. Conley did not provide a definite answer about whether Donald Trump would be confined to his residence in the White House. As the West Wing is encountering the spread of COVID-19, as the president’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, follows the list on October 5th of his close aides that have tested positive.