Trump’s COVID-19 Infection Avoidable, as Biden Leads by 10 Points: Poll

Trump’s COVID-19 Infection Avoidable, as Biden Leads by 10 Points: Poll

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

After Donald Trump tested positive for coronavirus, former vice-president Joe Biden opens his most comprehensive lead in a month. It is in his favor for the upcoming U.S. presidential race as the majority of Americans think that the president Trump could have avoided the risk of getting infected according to the Reuters/Ipsos poll published on October 4.

There was outpouring support on October 2 -3 for the president outside Walter Reed National Military where Trump was hospitalized gave quite an indication of the national opinion. 

Trump has regularly rejected the seriousness of the coronavirus and has reacted as if it will go on its own, even though it has infected millions of people and has also shut so many businesses, schools etc. Donald Trump has also criticized Biden last week for wearing a mask as precautionary measures. 

Those who are yet to cast their vote in the November 3 election are backing for the former vice-president than for Trump. 51% in favor of Joe Biden and 41% said they will be voting for Donald Trump. The remaining 4% are hooting for the third party, and others remain undecided.

Joe Biden’s 10-point advantage over Donald Trump is 1 to 2 points higher than leads Biden posted above the preceding several weeks. However, the progress is still in the poll’s correctness margins of plus or minus 5 percentage tallies.

With roughly a month to pass before the poll, Biden has secured an initial lead in ensuring the national public vote. Merely to win the presidency, a candidate needs control in enough states to sway the Electoral College, and state ballots prove that Trump is almost as popular as Biden in battleground states.

Americans remain to be profoundly concerned about the coronavirus, and the ballot found that 65% agreed on the fact that President Trump could have taken the matter seriously and he could have avoided getting infected.

Survey says that roughly 34% said they believed that the president had been reporting the fact about the COVID-19, while 55% stated that they knew he was not and the rest 11% were uncertain.