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Turkish court gives over a 1000 years of jail for Adnan Oktar

Adnan Oktar
Harun Yahya, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Adnan Oktar, also known by his pen-name Harun Yahya was sentenced to 1075 years of jail on 11 January 2020. The man was accused of many charges, including sexual abuse of minors, leading a criminal association, supporting militant groups in Turkey, etc. He was known to spread radical views and Islamic sentiments on his channel A9 where he would regularly bring young girls and boys on the show. 

He was arrested multiple times, the most recent being in 2018 on the charges of kidnapping and abusing young girls but was acquitted. 200 members from his organisation have also been charged for the same reasons, sources say. The group has been sentenced to a total of more than 9000 years for their crimes. 

Adnan Oktar has penned multiple books in which he talks about conspiracy theories and Islamic teachings. In One of his books, he explained in detail about how Darwin’s evolutionary theory caused the birth of major world terrorist organisations. He regularly sent copies of his books to scientists all over the world, reports say. 

His influence on young minds and the cult-like behaviour of his organisation had to be stopped, said one source. The man was also linked with helping Fetullah Terrorist Organisation, a group that has been plaguing Turkey for a long time. The group has its reach deep into the Turkish Government and according to reports, two of its members had spoken at the United Nation this year, despite heavy protests from the authorities. 

Important members of the group, such as Tarkan Yavas and Oktar Babuna were subjected to 182 to 400 years of jail for their crimes including sexual abuse of minors, property misstatements, perjury etc. 

The Turkish government has been bearing down hard on Fetullah Terrorist Organisation (FETO) and its influence has been reduced heavily on the population, sources say. Any person linked to FETO has been arrested by the government and punished, including around 240 soldiers in the Turkish army, who were charged by the courts recently. By taking such steps, the officials hope to completely destroy the organisation from inside and the outside.