‘Worst Chris’ – Twitter Gangs Up Against Chris Pratt And His Mcu Co-stars Stand By Him.

‘Worst Chris’ – Twitter Gangs Up Against Chris Pratt And His Mcu Co-stars Stand By Him.
Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Twitter users can be quite notorious when it comes to creating new tags and competitions on the platform. It has been a while since the ‘Best Chris’ tag has been circulating among Twitter enthusiasts. Hollywood is a wide industry and there are several actors with the name ‘Chris’ – the most famous ones are Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Chris Pine, and Chris Pratt. But something that started off as timepass took a derogatory turn when Twitter labeled Chris Pratt as the ‘Worst Chris’. This has been a unanimous declaration after a Twitter challenge was posted on 17th October. 

The fans had to vote and decide which Chris among the above-mentioned ones would they ‘let go’ or ‘have to go’. Chris Pratt took the wrath and started trending when most of the users decided they would let him go. Some of them reasoned that he has a poor political stand while some showed his association with a church with anti-LGBTQ views as the core cause. But this was strongly denied by the actor in the past, where he cleared the misconception nd said he follows the church that doesn’t discriminate. He said his church believes everyone ‘deserves love’ and ‘has no judgments for his fellow men’. 

The MCU cast came in support of the actor and stood by him. The Director of Guardians of Galaxy, James Gunn, said that ‘Chris already stated that the church he attends doesn’t reflect all of his personal views, and he is a man who believed that everyone is entitled to love’.

Even Robert Downey Jr. uploaded a picture with Chris and wrote that it was ‘The ‘sinless’ were casting stones’ at his friend who happens to be a man of principles and demonstrated so much gratitude and positivity so far. Mark Ruffalo asked the people to look at how he lives first and then start making accusations because the man is not what they are saying he is.

With his fellow actors strongly standing by him, it’s quite clear that the Twitter users and fans are missing something here and they should pay more attention before declaring ‘The Worst Pratt’.