Twitter bans more than 70000 accounts linked with QAnon conspiracy

Image by Mizter_X94 from Pixabay

Not even a day had passed after Twitter banned Donald Trump’s account for promoting hateful violence when the company bore down on all accounts that were accused of sharing tweets and content about the QAnon conspiracy theory. The social media giant has faced severe backlash from Trump Supporters over his account being banned. 

The qanon conspiracy theory at its centre has beliefs that Trump is fighting an elite group of Satan Worshipping Pedophiles in the government, media and businesses. With more and more people getting influenced by this, the theory has evolved to become much wilder, reports say. Many people at the Capitol Hill Riots were seen wearing qAnon merchandise with the logo ‘Trust the Plan’. 

The theory was supported by Donald Trump initially, but after the riots, he claims to have no support for them. However, he praised the conspiracy theorists and described them as ‘people who love the country’. His son Eric Trump had retweeted multiple tweets regarding the theory, sources state. Twitter, Facebook, Google have been vigilant about curbing such conspiracy activists and violent content. Social media, visual media and apps have played a major role in the events leading up to the Capitol Hill riots, say the authorities. 

These conspiracy activists had made several accounts to promote their beliefs in social media. They also had specific code words and phrases to indicate their group, stated the officials. The theory had become extremely influential with almost half the American population knowing about it in September 2020. These groups often posted violent, radical content on social media. Sources have reported that even the Capitol Hill plan had been discussed and posted over the site and that’s why so many people had participated in them.

Twitter has updated its policies and has been policing its content and profiles. The company stated that any profile engaging in spreading hateful content, misinformation and propaganda will be closely monitored and suspended if need be. 

The QAnon theory has been in place since 2017 and has since then been the root of many violent incidents. Their influence has also been growing steadily during the pandemic and has reached high places in the government. According to sources, Marjorie Green, an open QAnon supporter, was elected to the US congress.