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U.S. Judge Orders TikTok can Avoid a Ban

U.S. Judge Orders TikTok can Avoid a Ban

Image by antonbe from Pixabay

The U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols had said on Sunday morning’s 90-minute hearing that he intends to announce a public order later half of the day. 

TikTok has been partially granted, which nulls the directives given by the Trump administration. The TikTok app ban was set to take effect as stated by the Commerce Department at 11:59 p.m. EDT (0359 GMT). 

The judgment is a success for TikTok after it questioned the ban as a violation and unconstitutional process. An attorney, John Hall representing TikTok said “extraordinary action at the very time when the need for free open and accessible communication in America is at its zenith” precedent of a presidential election.

The Government lawyer was trying to put a point across that the China-owned firm indicates a critical danger to national security. The Trump’s administration had stated earlier that the app’s U.S. user data is at risk and that it can go into the hands of the Chinese government as the firm’s headquarters is in Beijing. The company has addressed this allegation in a statement that the data is secured and is kept stateside and backed up in Singapore.

The District Judge opinion is still under seal, but in the hearing, he made his point clear that the Trump administration’s ban, as structured, could be considered a “fairly significant deprivation” of the company’s due process rights.

TikTok also said that it was “pleased” with the judgment. “We will continue defending our rights for the benefit of our community and employees,” the company also added.

The Commerce Department said late on September 27 that it would comply with the order, but appending that its mandate was “fully consistent with the law and promoted legitimate national security interests.”

It also said that the U.S. government aims to “vigorously defend” its order.