UAE Launches a Mission to Mars

UAE Launches a Mission to Mars

UAE Launches a Mission to Mars

After Japan’s successful lift-off, the United Arab Emirates is all set to send its first mission to Mars. The Hope probe on an H2-A rocket has been launched from Tanegashima spaceport. The latest updates have already covered a 500-million-km journey to evaluate the weather and climate conditions on the planet. 

Due to the poor weather conditions, previously, the UAE’s space team had to call off two attempts. 

Sarah Al Amiri, the Science Lead on Hope Mission, shared her immense excitement and relief, seeing the rocket going up in the sky successfully. While sharing her experience, she said that with this, her country’s impact would be the same as America when Americans saw the Apollo 11 Moon landing. It happened on 20th July, almost 51 years ago. 

Further, she told BBC- “It was an anchor for an entire generation that stimulated everyone that watched it to push further and to dream bigger,” Source: BBC. 

Amiri added- “Today I am really glad that the children in the Emirates will wake up on the morning of 20th July having an anchor project of their own, having a new reality, having new possibilities, allowing them to further contribute and to create a larger impact on the world.” Source: BBC. 

The UAE’s rocket is one of those headed to the Mars planet this month. 

China and the United States have their surface rovers in the last stages of the mission. On this, the American Mission, Perseverance, sent a congratulations message to Hope. It said- “To the @HopeMarsMission: Congratulations on your launch! I wish you a successful journey and look forward to the sol when we are both exploring Mars.” Source: Twitter. 

Omran Sharaf, the Hope Project Director, said that the mission is full of danger but said its country had conducted it in a righteous manner. 

Further, he said- “This is a research and development mission and, yes, failure is an option,” Source: BBC. 

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Source: BBC