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Uk Geared Up For Vaccination As Queen Elizabeth And Prince Phillips Receive Their Doses

Queen Elizabeth II
Iain Cameron from Ellon, Scotland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The United Kingdom has been slower compared to other nations for beginning to vaccinate its population. This could be due to the fact that another strain was recently discovered that sent the country into a fresh lockdown. The UK strain is said to have 75% more transmission than the original variant. Since its discovery, the variant has already been discovered in various countries, raising quite an alarm in the safety. 

However, now the UK has begun the vaccination drives and encourages its population to participate in the program. To further encourage the people, the Queen and Prince stated that they took their first shots of the Pfizer/Biotech vaccine at the Windsor Palace. It is highly unusual for the Royal family to display their medical care to the general public, but has agreed to do so in view of the pandemic. The UK entered another nation wide lockdown recently to avoid outbreak of the newest Coronavirus strain. Another outbreak could be disastrous and needed to be promptly avoided, say the authorities. 

The officials said that they have a plan ready for the mass vaccination in which vulnerable and high-risk people will be vaccinated first. That includes front line workers, aged people and people with high-risk comorbidities and disorders. However, there are a lot of rumours running rampant among the population and people all over the globe are hesitant to take up the vaccines. 

The biggest concern for the people is the fact that the vaccines took only one year to be developed whereas other vaccines usually take decades to be approved. The officials have stated that this is because the covid 19 vaccines had top priority and the full support of the government. This resulted in quick and fast development. Also, the vaccines have been tested to have minimal side effects. Any rumours regarding organ failure, impotence and anything else are unfounded and absolutely false, say the scientists. 

It is highly important to have successful mass vaccination as this will increase the herd immunity and community immunity among the population. Only if the entire population is vaccinated will the virus be defeated, state the scientists.