UK Shopper Numbers Fall as Second Lockdown Begins

UK Shopper Numbers Fall as Second Lockdown Begins
elaine owen / Iconic G&Ts shop in Highcliffe High Street

There has been a drastic footfall since Thursday that has been observed in the UK. Across British retail destinations, there has been a plummet, and it is observed to be 15.4 per cent since the start of the lockdown as compared to the week prior to it. Market Researcher Springboard stated on Monday that England’s new nation-wide lockdown would be troublesome for the economy and it has started reflecting at the beginning of it.

With the coronavirus infection on growth in the country, it is alarming for the British government to keep going like this. That is the reason they had decided to go under the second lockdown for a month so as people could at least celebrate Christmas with their near and dear ones. The lockdown was imposed on Thursday till December 2nd where all non-essential stores will be shut, along with restaurants and cafes besides will only allow takeaway food as an option. Citizens have also been urged to work from home as much as possible.

According to the research, it shows that shopper numbers dwindled 16.2 per cent in high streets, 18.9 per cent in shopping malls and 9.7 per cent in retail plazas. It also states that on a year-on-year basis, it has been a slow show, and the overall footfall has dropped to 38.6 per cent.

As per the Springboard result, the week as a whole it disguised a mini-boom in how the days leading up to the lockdown will be. With footfall up a normal 11.7 per cent since Thursday till Sunday is that over the four days.

Its results display a drastic change in the buying behaviour from that of the week before the lockdown was even announced. 46.7 percent from that of the prior week looks devastating to the retail industry in the UK.