The United States Shocked As Pro-Trump Supporters Raid Capitol Hill

United States Riots

The US Capitol Hill had been raided by Trump supporters as officials were having a joint session to declare that Biden won the election. The protests were violent and resulted in the death of a woman as clashes broke between the police and the people. Prime minister Mike Pence was present in the building at the time and was promptly removed to a safer location. 

The raid happened within hours of Donald Trump’s rally in which he declared that he will never give up and that the election had been compromised. Trump continues to resist the electoral results and is still under the illusion that he won the elections. 

Soon after the rally ended, supporters reached the US Capitol Hill and destroyed the barricades to enter it. The Capitol Hill police were outnumbered and overwhelmed at the sight of such a large number of people. They were seen with Trump flags and were charged with rage against the Senate and its officials. However, many observers claimed that the police did nothing to stop the protesters. A picture has surfaced showing a policeman clicking a selfie with the protestors. 

DC National Guard and Police intervened and helped remove the people who had entered the building. Only one casualty has been reported during the entire incident. The state had been put on high alert and a curfew had been placed on the city. The city had restricted all activities until Wednesday 6 PM

Biden urged the protestors to recede and expressed grief at the state of Democracy in the country. Major world leaders including Narendra Modi and Jacinda Ardern have condemned the protests via tweets. 

The protests have come as a shock to many, as mobs breached the supposedly impenetrable Capitol Hill. While a large number of people were gathered outside the building chanting and yelling, small groups managed to enter via the balconies and porticos and attack the officials present within. Another concerning factor is the inefficiency of the police in effectively tackling the matter. 

The root cause of this attack is being reported to be the influence of the Media over people and the role of politicians in controlling these media houses. The police haven’t arrested all the people who entered the building as only a few people have been detained.