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US Charges Chinese & Malaysians Linked in Global Hacking Racket

US Charges Chinese & Malaysians Linked in Global Hacking Racket

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

On Wednesday, the US announced charges against 5 Chinese and 2 Malaysians nationals for the global hacking racket.

Jeffery Rosen, US deputy attorney general, said that they had unsealed three charges that collectively directed the 5 Chinese nationals for computer hacking along with two Malaysians for assisting them in targeting victims.

The hackers are professionals as there are more than 100 companies in the US as well as abroad that have filed a complaint against them, which includes pro-democracy activists and foreign governments in Hong Kong.

It has also been stated that the Chinese nationals targeted ultimately around 100 victims around the world that includes various sectors and different types of enterprises that are dismally in the target list that exists for the Chinese hackers.

Three out of the five Chinese defendants are of Sichuan-based company named Chengdu 404 that intends to give network security assistance for other companies.

The two Malaysian, Wong Ong Hua and Ling Yang Ching are businessmen and are charged for conspiring with the hackers to get benefitted in several countries like the US, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and France, said the US Justice Department.

Michael Sherwin, the federal prosecutor, said that these hackers considered their connection with the PRC granted them unrestricted license to steal and hack world wide.

They are charged for hacking into a significant gaming company to steal their secrets and “gaming artefacts,” likely to be tradable in-game credits and chits and resell them. Collectively the seven were identified by cybersecurity experts as the “APT41” hacking organization, recognized by their shared techniques and tools.

The locations of the Chinese hackers continues to be not known; nevertheless, the two Malaysians businessmen were arrested on September 15 in Malaysia, and the United States is attempting their extradition.