U.S. Elections 2020: Donald Trump, Joe Biden In Final Full Week Of Campaigning

Trump and Biden

Images by Gage Skidmore

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden start their final week of campaigning before the November 3 election. But a surging COVID-19 cases outbreak within Vice President Mike Pence’s staff kept the focus of the race on the coronavirus pandemic.

Donald Trump has been claiming progress in the country regarding fighting the coronavirus daily positive cases. Vice President Pence has been campaigning through Sunday despite people within the circle testing positive.

Joe Biden has also accused Trump of killing 225,000 people in the country due to negligence in dealing with the pandemic. 

Over 59.1 million citizens have already voted via mail or in-person, and with less than a week before Election Day, the velocity of early voting will increase and could be the highest turnout rate in more than a century as per the data from the United State Elections Project at the University of Florida.

Biden is scheduled to travel to Georgia on Tuesday, via Atlanta and Warm Springs, a city of around 400 people where Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who considered office during the Great Depression and worked out his New Deal recovery plans, died in 1945.

Notwithstanding Biden’s substantial lead in national polls, the competition remains in the most crucial battleground states like Pennsylvania and Florida that could determine the consequence looks closer. Joe Biden will be served with a show in Orlando, Florida, on October 28 by former President Barack Obama, following whom he assisted as vice president.

The United States has the highest number of infected cases in the world, and Trump has been claiming that the U.S. is recovering well from pandemic just the way everyone has in the White House.

Mark Meadows, White House Chief of Staff stated on Sunday that the administration was “not going to control the pandemic,” and will instead focus on vaccines and therapeutics.