US Elections – The Depiction Of Kamala Harris As Goddess Durga Sparks Controversy

US Elections – The Depiction Of Kamala Harris As Goddess Durga Sparks Controversy
Image by Gage Skidmore

Recently, the niece of US Senator Kamala Harris has tweeted an image where the Presidential candidate was depicted as Goddess Durga. This did not go down well with the Hindu groups in the United States. They have taken it as an offense because the deity is being used for the purpose of American politics and claimed that the culture of the religion is not meant for grotesque representations. 

Meena Harris, who is a lawyer by profession, a Children’s author, and often brings light to social issues,  tweeted the image in which Kamala Harris was the Goddess Durga while Donald Trump was Mahishasura and Joe Biden was her vehicle – The lion.

Her tweet read – “I am actually speechless, other than to say that the first day of Navaratri was LIT.” The tweet was made on Monday and drew in a lot of attention. 

A core member of the Hindu American Foundation has stated that the use of superimposed faces has deeply aggravated many Hindus globally. This is a wrong depiction of the feminine divine, Maa Durga, he has stated. 

Though it has been made clear that the offensive image was not created by Kamala Harris’s niece, and it has been circulated on different social media platforms before this, the Hindu organizations are demanding an apology from Meena Harris for sharing it. In fact, it did draw a lot of eyes after she had posted it on Twitter. It is yet to be seen how she’d react to the ruckus. 

While this is not a publicity stunt and the Biden campaign also denied being the source of the picture, the anguished feelings of US- Hindus and also the others globally is definitely a point of concern. Meena Harris now deleted the tweet but the screenshot of the same is still being circulated.