Walmart Black Friday 2020: Holiday Shopping Expands

Walmart Black Friday 2020: Holiday Shopping Expands

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Walmart is revising its Black Friday sale by giving shoppers three occasions to get the best deals and prices of the season. 

On Wednesday finally, Walmart announced its much-awaited and promising a new Black Friday experience for all. It has planned Black Friday deals for days for the coming holiday season. Walmart has decided to bark on three different events online instead of having one that usually happens on Thanksgiving and only one in-store.

This is going to be for the first time since the late 1980s that Walmart stores will be closed on Thanksgiving, which also includes other retail stores like Best Buy and Target keeping the coronavirus pandemic in mind.

According to a survey, it is expected that shoppers are going to opt for online shopping rather than visiting the stores themselves. Many retailers have announced e-commerce sales that will help lessen people and spread out demand keeping Covid-19 in mind. This time Walmart’s “Big Save” will be competing with Amazon’s Prime day that will be ending on October 15th.

Target gift card deal: Target’s Deal Days sale gives 5% off store gift cards online. 

Walmart ‘Big Save’:

The best deals to buy from Walmart that is competing with Amazon Prime sale through October 15th.

Best Buy Deal: It had a massive two-day sale that was also competing with Amazon Prime.

The Walmart U.S. executive vice president and the chief merchandising officer stated in an interview that with the help of these events, it would help them meet their two crucial requirements. Scott Mc Call said that one meets the safety norms for our customers as well as employees and second is not to compromise on sales as it is available online as well. 

The Walmart November sales will start online first and then will continue in stores. The first sale will start online on November 4th at 7 p.m. EST following the second sale on Veterans Day and the last sale will begin just the night before Thanksgiving, November 25th.