“We See Glimpse of M.S. Dhoni Helicopter” – Suresh Raina

“We See Glimpse of M.S. Dhoni Helicopter” – Suresh Raina

Indian cricketer, Suresh Raina has been associated with CSK (Chennai Super Kings) IPL team for a long time now. He has been seen playing in a yellow jersey with the former Indian skipper M.S. Dhoni. 

Raina has returned to practice after a long time. At present, he is staying with his family near Ghaziabad. Close to his home; he owns a cricket ground where he is often seen practicing for the upcoming matches. Recently, the cricketer has been seen with cricketer Rishabh Pant. 

Hindon Airport is near Raina’s home and ground too. Recently, the official page of Chennai Super Kings uploaded a video of Suresh Raina in the ground. In the video, Raina said- “I live very close by; this is my ground. We do have the Hindon Airport here, and we see a glimpse of M.S. Dhoni helicopter, the flag is there. Hopefully, he’ll see it, and whenever he comes here, he is definitely going to enjoy it.” Source: Instagram. 

Further, he added- “I think in this Covid-19 situation, we all need to be positive. Things have been difficult and challenging, but as sport stars and entertainers, we need to come out as great personalities and at the same time, help everyone around with the situation. So I just want to say be positive, be who you are, and look after your mind (mental health), that’s very important,” Source: Instagram. 

While practicing with Rishabh Pant, he said- “It’s good to start practicing right now, I am trying to improve each and every day. Making use of my time now, which has been wasted for five-six months now. Let’s hope we start cricket now so we can do well for the country. With Mahi bhai, the interaction is always little but very intense. So we keep it that way,” Source: Instagram. 

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Source: Indian Express