WHO Warns People of Never-Ending Side-Effects of COVID-19

WHO Warns People of Never-Ending Side-Effects of COVID-19

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As per recent research conducted by the World Health Organization, COVID-19 may have the potential to leave a lasting impact on the cardiovascular system of the infected person. 

Illustrating the matter, the Executive Director of Health Emergencies Program at WHO, Mike Ryan stated in a conference- “When we say that the vast majority of people have a mild illness and recover, that is true. But what we cannot say, at the moment, is what are the potential long-term impacts of having had that infection,” Source: U.S News. 

Ryan has urged people to try avoiding the risk “that you cannot quantify,” adding that “these risks right now cannot be adequately quantified.” Source: U.S News. 

Continuing his speech, he said- “We hope that everybody who recovers from COVID-19 will make a full, permanent recovery, but there’s enough people out there having difficulties with their exercise tolerance, having difficulties with their breathing, and potentially having long-term impacts on their cardiovascular system, that we want to try to avoid all COVID infections possible, not just those COVID infections that lead to death,” Source: U.S News. 

He paid major emphasis on people having mild symptoms and elaborated on how such patients can have a risk of long-lasting health implants. The researchers have examined and compared COVID-19 to the adverse flu damaging one’s cardiovascular system forever. 

The researchers conducted the first study on the heart of 100+ patients having an average age of 49 years. These patients were recently recovered from coronavirus. 

Valentina Puntmann, a Study Author, told STAT News that a high majority of coronavirus patients with on-going heart abnormalities refers to “that the heart is involved in a majority of patients, even if Covid-19 illness does not scream out with the classical heart symptoms, such as anginal chest pain.” Source: U.S News. 

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Source: usnews.com