WHO Says Dozens of Clinics Are ‘Non-Functional’ In Beirut

WHO Says Dozens of Clinics Are ‘Non-Functional’ In Beirut

The massive explosion that happened last week in Beirut has damaged the entire city badly. Where it killed more than 200 people and injured 6000+, the explosion has hampered the healthcare sector in Beirut. This explosive happened after more than 2700 tonnes of ammonium nitrate was stored unsafely in a warehouse.

On this, WHO (the World Health Organization) accessed around 55 healthcare facilities in the city, analyzed half of them are “non-functional.”

This deadly blast has made three major hospitals go non-operational while reducing the capacity of most hospitals in the city. 

Following the devastation, WHO has warned the healthcare service providers that most of the hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics are not adhering to the COVID-19 measures. 

Soon after people realized the reason behind the explosion, the public showed its outrage on the streets. 

The WHO’s regional emergency director in the Eastern Mediterranean, Dr. Richard Brennan, said that they assessed more than 55 primary healthcare centers in Beirut. And out of all, half of them have been found “non-functional.” The devastation has left Beirut run out of beds in hospitals to treat the injured people. 

Considering the circumstances seriously, the WHO said that their first priority was to make most of the hospitals and healthcare centers remain open and operational. Further, Dr. Brennan said that they are ensuring maximum supplies to those sections first who need it the most. To avoid any loophole, the WHO team is providing direct health care facilities to Beirut. 

Dr. Brennan praised the public’s response to the pandemic and said that it had done an “impressive job” tackling it. 

He continued and stated- “While we have to still continue to respond to the consequences of the blast, we also need to stay vigilant with respect to COVID,” Source: BBC.

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