Who Should Be The First One To Have COVID-19 Vaccine? Medicine Experts Debate On This

Who Should Be The First One To Have COVID-19 Vaccine? Medicine Experts Debate On This

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By the time coronavirus has been affecting a considerable number of lives throughout the world, medical experts have been making every possible effort to come up with a solid-proof vaccine. 

In this regard, the researchers from Oxford University shared the vaccine results performed on human beings. At present, there are vaccination tests going on in different corners of the world. To be precise, there are nearly 100 vaccine candidates in different stages of the corona vaccine human trials. 

Eventually, it has fueled the discussion on who is going to get the vaccine first. 

Regarding the same, Dr. Francis Collins, the Director at the National Institute of Health in the United States, stated- “Not everybody’s going to like the answer” Source: Hindustan Times. 

Further, he continued and said- “There will be many people who feel that they should have been at the top of the list,” Source: Hindustan Times. He gave this statement to one of the most-preferred advisory groups. 

As per the reports, the researchers and experts believe that the first line in control that deserves to have the vaccine first is the health workers or people who are easy targets of this deadly virus (COVID-19). 

But on the other hand, Collins gave this debate a new direction with these recent statements. He says that people from a country that has been bearing the worst effects of COVID-19 must get the vaccine first. 

With the intent of putting an end to this debate, CDC (the Centers for Disease Control) suggested that the vaccine be distributed among national security, essential workers, and critical health workers serving people throughout day and night. 

This has put the WHO (World Health Organization) in the dilemma of distributing the COVID-19 vaccine fairly among each country. 

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Source: Hindustan times