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Why did 865,000 women leave the workforce in September?


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics on Friday reported that in the United States overall 661,000 jobs were added between August and September. 

But the nation’s first recession that has affected the women in the country has worsened in September. About 865,000 women left the workforce compared to 216,000 men in the country.

Mainly retail and hospitality, where the women workforce is more, has been doomed. With the ongoing pandemic, the child care industry hasn’t received much traction that has left many working mothers to no other option. 

With the schools reopening in September has made it difficult as well. There have been many job losses in the Public sector, laying off many teachers. Government employment has also dropped by 216,000 jobs which have majorly affected the education sector as the new model is hybrid, where online education and arrangements like partially attending school.

Managing both job and children at the same time with COVID-19 virus has been challenging, and it has taken over working mothers over fathers in heterosexual relationships. During the pandemic, Lean In had published a report where it has been proven that women have taken the role to take care of the house and children, in about 317 companies more than 40,000 employees have resigned.

The study has also shown that 1 in every 4 women are thinking of downsizing their jobs or omitting the workforce as a consequence of COVID-19. It’s the primary time in six years of analysis that the year-long study has uncovered proof of women proposing to leave their jobs at greater rates than men. 

The outcomes reveal that the pandemic had been difficult for women to cope as they have to be all over the place, says the founder of Lean In Foundation and chief operating officer of Facebook, Sherly Sandberg.

 September’s jobs record reveals the depths and inequities of that crisis. 

Of the women who dropped out of work last month, 58,000 were Black women, and 324,000 were Latinas.