Will Business Tours Remain the Same?

Will Business Tours Remain the Same?

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Deadly COVID-19 has affected everything from businesses to lifestyle. Now, the biggest question is, will the techies leave Zoom or Skype and get on planes? 

To find out the inside story on this, the BBC team had a word with Senior Vice-President of research at Travel Analytics firm, Phocuswright, Charuta Fadnis. 

For a lot of business people, the biggest question is if things will get back on track or not. How soon will countries be able to lift the travel restrictions? 

On this, Charuta Fadnis said- “We’re all struggling a little bit to understand how quickly travel will recover because there’s just no precedent to something like the coronavirus pandemic,” Source: BBC. 

Further, she added- “This crisis is really new, in terms of the magnitude of the impact,” Source: BBC. 

To have different perspectives on this worrying concept for the business world, BBC interacted with the Executive Director at Global Business Travel Association, Dave Hilfman. 

When asked about the current circumstances and challenges for the businesses running throughout the world, Dave said- “People getting together face-to-face is the only way, really, to achieve ultimate success in business,” Source: BBC.

“Many of my colleagues in the industry, be it on the corporate side, the travel side or supply side, they’re very anxious to get back out on the road again and see their customers and colleagues”, he added. Source: BBC. 

A study conducted by Oxford Economics states that every dollar spent on business travel on global levels results in $12.50 in increased revenue. Further, experts say business travels provide a vast opportunity to connect with the world and tenfold the chances of personal development. 

As travel is one of the basic elements of business development, many European travelers and business people have swapped planes for trains. 

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Source: BBC