Will It Be Safe to Travel in the Future?

Will It Be Safe to Travel in the Future?
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

From engineers to citizen scientists, everyone as a team & profession is putting their best foot forward to discover new technologies, mediums & medicines to minimize the impact of deadly coronavirus throughout the world. 

Despite airports to other public areas being equipped with enough sanitization and other techniques, there are chances of thermal testing neglecting coronavirus. Usually, remote infrared thermometers have been used to detect body temperature, which may vary due to several reasons, including- common fever or drastically changing weather conditions. 

In order to evaluate the early symptoms of coronavirus, people must be checked in their breath appropriately. And to ensure so, there are breathalyzers. 

Gabby Sarusi is one of the professors at Ben-Gurion University, Israel, and who spoke about refining the biological corona diagnostic processes. He said the virus detection if connected with the electromagnetic segment; it can detect electromagnetic waves to detect the direction of the virus in the body.

Further, he stated- “We are taking the chip inside the capsule, and we’re measuring it with a spectrometer that’s radiated with the magnetic waves. “we can sense the shift.”

He, along with this team, has already tested 150 patients via standard & device performance tests. Sarusi’s team has come to a conclusion of receiving 92% accurate results with the device. However, the breathalyzer is performing well, yet Sarusi believes in coming up with some improvisations to analyze if the travelers have spent time in quarantine or not. 

Once the final product with all the alterations is ready, Sarusi and the team are expecting to get a nod on breathalyser from the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) to strengthen the virus detection processes at the travel destinations. 

When asked about the most expected time to re-launch the product on an official note would be, Sarusi said- “Maybe by the end of this year. Or next year,”

As per a report by the Scientific American, after adopting the right virus detection process, the next challenge is finding out vaccines and experts predict to have a reliable vaccine ready by the end of 2021. 

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