Work From The Beach Visa For 2 years, Offers Antigua and Barbuda

Work From The Beach Visa For 2 years, Offers Antigua and Barbuda

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Digital nomads are welcomed to Antigua and Barbuda with a current visa designed for teleworkers. With the growing list of destination to travel, Antigua and Barbuda are looking to entice digital travellers to work from paradise.

The Caribbean dual-island nation announced this week that it would provide remote workers making minimum $50,000 a year to work and live in the islands for up to two years for a new Nomad Digital Residence program.

Aruba and Barbados have already announced such initiatives earlier this year for people to work from anywhere.

Antigua and Barbuda’s program grants special resident status to digital travellers who can dispense the means to second themselves and every accompanying family member. The visa is also offered to those whose firms are not based in the country and are in different locations. The price for a single applicant is $1,500. The application cost for a duo is $2,000 and for a family of three and more is $3,000. 

Facilities for the digital nomad

The ones who can get digital nomad residency in Barbuda and Antigua will be granted admittance to 365 beaches, excellent Wi-Fi, cellular coverage, world-class diving, deep-sea fishing, and ample rental car options.

Gaston Browne, the Prime Minister, stated that now anyone can work from any part of the world from Antigua.

The islands of the Caribbean got independence in the year 1981 due to which its official language is English. It has been saved from the effects of COVID-19 as the total cases so far since the coronavirus outbreak is about 100.

The Prime Minister also mentioned that the islands have managed to detect, learn and cure coronavirus community spread. He added to the statement that health insurance would also be given under the digital nomad program and market rates for health care throughout their stay.