World - Full Lockdown In England Post The Rise On Covid Cases

London Lockdown
Kwh1050, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The decision was taken in the wake of escalating COVID cases and greater danger to the target group of older citizens. The conformity of this decision came after Scotland announced a similar lockdown to safeguard its citizens. Boris Johnson announced on a television telecast that the lockdown will come into effect from Wednesday and citizens are requested to cooperate with the administrators.

Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has declared a region-wide lockdown where the 56 million people will have to stay in the confines of their house until mid-February. The primary and secondary schools are closed and the other open services will also cease to stop the movement of people. The decision seems quite necessary to stop the increasing cases and the life loss that the region is still witnessing.

44 million people are already living under stringent rules, restricted conditions because Britain is grappling with the worst mortality rate because of the spread of COVID. The weather conditions are adding to the COVID troubles because the spread is even higher during colder days.

The main reason Britain is unable to tackle the increasing death rate is the introduction of the new COVID strain that is spreading faster and fiercer. 

The Prime Minister spoke about the census of people who were in the hospital because of COVID. 27,000 people are receiving treatment from the healthcare facilities which happens to be 40% more than the recorded during the first wave in April, 2020. The previous week, more than 80,000 people have tested positive in a single day and this came as alarming information to the Ruling body.

“With most of the country already in restrictions, this says we have to do more. We must therefore go into a nation-wide lockdown” Said the Prime Minister while addressing the people from the Television Telecast. 

The measures are quite similar to what the country followed during the initial days of the Lockdown ,during April to June in 2020. However, the expectation is that no breaching of the social distancing will be tolerated by the authorities. 

The only times people can exit the houses is to buy essential food supplies, medical supplies, and exercise. The decision to conduct exams for the 16 and 18 years old is still under question and after the discussion with the educational secretary, the information will be released.