Yellow Is The Color Of The 6th Day Of Navratri

Yellow Is The Color Of The 6th Day Of Navratri
Ananth BS, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

22nd October happens to be the 6th day of the 9-day festival that celebrates the strength of a feminine deity and her strong stance against injustice. Goddess Durga is seen as the epitome of patience, knowledge, and the destroyer of evil. On the 6th day, she is seen as Goddess Katyayani, the one who killed the demon Mahishasura. 

Goddess Katyayani is known for positivity, gratitude, and enlightenment that shoos away ego and pride. That is why she is often associated with the bright Yellow color and other shades of yellow, that signify light and harmony. If you’ve been sticking to the Navratri fashion trends, then you should be picking clothing in the yellow shades and golden glimpses!

Festivals are all about ethnic wear and you have several choices to pick from. The basic attire will be a yellow kurta with block prints, usually paired with denim or palazzo pants. This is what Sara Ali Khan stuck to, and managed to look splendid with hanging emerald green ear drops. 

If you want to go for a saree, opt for the Golden colored Silk that Actress Rekha sticks to and pair it with a proper design blouse and jewelry. This is all about grandeur. If you want a simpler option, then a chiffon saree with a subtle yellow color can do the trick for you.

Salwar suits are comfortable and also bring out the curves of the females. The yellow salwar suits with extensive embroidery work in the same color, add detail and class to the outfit. This is definitely office wear too. Alia Bhatt set the trend by wearing a soft lemon yellow salwar suit with kashmiri handwork, making her glow more than she already does

If you are someone who believes in fusion wear, then you can opt for that too. It’s all about being on top of the fashion game, even while paying your complete attention to thanking the Goddess for how blessed you are.